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May 08, 2007



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It is very interesting statistics on cheating.
The students' moral is degrading from year to year.
Finally they all have to pass security checking like in the airport before the exam and to have one in an isolated section like the voting takes place.

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If you ask anybody who ever went to college or university, you'll find out that in all the times there has been cheating. So it's not so rare.
But its really high rate for business students. It seems like it's not worth being earnest in business. Is it?

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It is very curious figures. Is it a trend?

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I've done grading of college online distance learning courses, and it's very dishearting to see the amount of cheating that goes on. The problem in the courses I work with are that the material is the same year after year, and so current students can get previous students assignments (which I've marked already) and redo them and hand them in. If they're redone entirely, I probably wouldn't catch it. But I've had several times where they actually handed in an assignment that had my comments on it (weren't so careful editing after the copy-paste) and once it was even graded (I guess they wanted to save me work).

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Probably a trending is going on.

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I think we have to make a process of learning where cheating will be useful for the students.

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Usefull statistic!


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I appreciate how you deal with your ideas and how you make ways to express and share them. And that counts a lot! Everything you've said is just fairly fact! There are thousands of educational institutions where cheating is very rampant, after all it's a matter of students self discipline and control.

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